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Cubase And Apple Mac Pro's Built-in Audio Device

Owners of an Apple Mac Pro will discover five driver entries for the built-in audio device in the "ASIO Driver" pull down menu of Cubase's "VST Audio System" set up (Devices/Device Setup...):
Built-in Audio (1), Built-in Audio (2), Built-in Audio (3) etc.

The selected driver specifies the inputs and outputs that are used by Cubase for playback and recording.

The available configurations are listed in the follwing chart:

ASIO DriverPlaybackRecording
Built-In Audio (1)headphones / internal speakeranalog line-in
Built-In Audio (2)headphones / internal speakerdigital line-in
Built-In Audio (3)headphones / internal speakerno input
Built-In Audio (4)analog line-outno input
Built-In Audio (5)digital line-outno input

If you want to use the internal audio device of a Mac Pro for recordings in Cubase you are bound to the internal speaker for playback. The speaker is connected to the headphones output at the front (3.5 mm jack socket) and will be muted when you connect headphones or an according audio cable.

Settings of the Mac OS X utility "Audio MIDI Setup" do not affect the usage of built-in audio inputs and ouputs in Cubase.   


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