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Cubase iC - Troubleshooting

This page contains a list of known issues of Cubase iC.
Network related issues:

  • Windows only: It is mandatory to have Apple Bonjour installed on your system to run Cubase iC. Please download and install Bonjour Print Services for Windows from the Appe website

  • Windows only: Two networks (and IPs) on the same computer can't be used simultaneously. Please disconnect the ethernet cable from the computer and then connect Cubase iC using the Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) option of your system

  • Windows only: By default, most programs are blocked by Windows Firewall. To establish a connection, Cubase requires to communicate with Cubase iC through the firewall. Please follow this official link provided by Microsoft to allow Cubase to communicate through Windows Firewall

  • iOS: In some cases, it is necessary to disable Bluetooth on your iOS device if no connection between Cubase and Cubase iC can be established

Project related issues:
If you change the length of your project Cubase iC won't update the project length on the display.
Please restart Cubase iC after you change the length of the project. Cubase iC will then display the correct length.
Arranger related issues:
If you create new arranger parts on your project they will be updated slowly in Cubase iC.
Please close Cubase iC, configure your arrangement and restart Cubase iC.

If the arranger track does not contain events the arranger button in Cubase iC won’t toggle and stays inactive, while the status in Cubase switches to active.
To use the arranger button in Cubase iC it is mandatory that the arranger track in Cubase contains events.

It is not possible to toggle the metronome and the precount while a modal dialog (e.g. the devices setup window) is open.
Close any modal dialog window (such as the devices setup window) before switching the metronome and the pre count.


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