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Cubasis for iOS - Known Issues

This article lists known issues for Cubasis, Cubasis LE and Cubasis Project Importer.

ID Issue Solution
CB-1402 Ignoring the low disk space warning message of iOS while recording renders Cubasis unreliable and can lead to data loss. No fix. Unpredictable behaviour is to be expected if the low disc space warning of iOS gets ignored while recording.
CB-1976 Playing on the internal keyboard sometimes results in hanging notes. De-activate multi-gestures in the iOS setup.
CB-2053 In very rare cases, renaming an audio event can cause it to be displayed with a cross mark in the arrange window after undo. Tap undo or redo in the arranger until all audio events are displayed correctly again. Then continue your work or, to be absolutely safe, select all events, copy them, create a new project and paste. Issue to be fixed with next update.


Cubasis LE
ID Issue Solution
CB-3078 In some rare cases, connecting a supported device to unlock the LE feature set fails to work with Cubasis LE on iOS 8. Please restart Cubasis LE and make sure the included demo song properly plays back through the built-in speaker of your iPad. Afterwards connect a supported device to unlock the LE feature set.
If the unlock procedure keeps failing on iOS 8 please update your iPad device to iOS 10 and try again.


Cubasis Project Importer
ID Issue Solution
CB-678 Cubasis projects that have been imported in Cubase display many VST Plug-In and VST Instrument windows. Go to File > Preferences > VST > Plug-ins in Cubase and deactivate the "Open Effect Editor After Loading it".
BON-6741 Importing multiple Cubasis projects with Cubase can lead to no output in Cubase Please make sure to import one project at a time and close all remaining previous projects beforehand.
n/a In some cases time-stretching or pitch-shifting values in Cubasis projects are missing or incorrect when being imported with Cubase. Please make sure to render appropriate tracks in Cubasis or add appropriate time-stretching and/or pitchshifting values manually in your Cubase project.
n/a Parameter automation is unavailable for tracks that contain Spin FX effect instances when being imported to Cubase. Please make sure to render tracks that contain Spin FX automation in Cubasis or add appropriate
automation values manually in your Cubase project.

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