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Preset management for VST2 plug-ins (fxp, fxb and xml)

For VST3 plug-ins the management of presets is uncomplicated and easy to handle. All actions in this regard are handled with the respective preset browser as part of the MediaBay functionality.

The preset list of a VST2 plug-ins opens with an internal list of presets can be accessed by a click into the name field above the plugin-in user interface - just like it is the case in Cubase versions prior to Cubase 4.

To manage and utilize such presets from the MediaBay and the associated preset browsers using "Load Preset..." you can convert VST2 presets into the VST3 preset format. Use the function "Convert Program List to VST Presets" for this.

You can also convert your .xml presets you may have stored with the function "Store Preset..." in Cubase/Nuendo versions prior to version 4 into the VST3 preset format.

Presets of VST2 plug-ins that use their own preset management system cannot be converted. But you can create new VST3 presets by using the "Save Preset..." function.


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