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Safe Start Mode - Resetting The Cubase Preferences

Issues in Cubase/Nuendo can be related to particular preferences settings. Since Cubase 7/ Nuendo 6 there is a quick troubleshooting method to check whether the problem you experience is related to the preferences settings.

Here is how it works.

  • Start Cubase/Nuendo and hold down <Control> + <Shift> + <Alt> (Windows) or <Cmd> + <Shift> + <Alt> (Mac OS X) as soon as the start screen appears.
  • The following screen appears:

Click to zoom image.

  • For troubleshooting purposes choose the option "Disable program preferences".

A: If temporarily disabling your preferences solves the problem you now know that the problem is related to preferences. To make the temporary changes of the preferences permanent you can choose "Delete program preferences" the next time you open Cubase/Nuendo and the safe mode dialog.

B: If temporarily disabling your preferences does not solve the problem you now know that the problem is probably not related to the preferences. To load Cubase/Nuendo with your old preferences you can just start Cubase/Nuendo as usual.

If the problem still persists you are advised to go on with the following article to continue troubleshooting the problem:

Note: When you start Cubase/Nuendo with factory settings you will amongst other messages receive the following message:

Click to zoom image.

If you click on "Already Registered" the message will go away.

Also be aware that it is necessary to choose the right ASIO driver for your ASIO device under Devices > Device Setup> VST Audiosystem.
More information about the Cubase/Nuendo basic setup steps can found be under Help > Documentation > Quick Start Guide.


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