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UR22 audio interface - Notification regarding low-frequency noise

For the UR22 USB audio interface, it has been discovered that extremely small low-frequency noise of approximately 30 Hz may occur depending on the model of condenser microphone used when only one is connected to the [MIC/LINE 1] or [MIC/LINE 2] jack and the [+48V] switch is turned on.

Please note that the majority of UR22 customers remain unaffected by this notification. The affected devices were manufactured from December 2012 to April 2013 and have the following serial numbers:

Affected serial number range


NOTE: The serial number (SER NO.) is indicated on a sticker affixed to the bottom of the device. Y, K, CHN, or U is indicated instead of “***” on the actual device. (Example: YESZ00001). A red dot beside the serial number will indicate the modified units even if the serial number is in the list.

A dedicated web page has been established with the necessary information and contact details for handling your inquiries.


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