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Steinberg Zero Downtime

Instant help with defective, lost or stolen USB-eLicensers

License dongles (referred to as USB-eLicensers) of various kinds have been used to protect Steinberg software applications for many years. Not only do they enable a flexible license usage but also allow for fresh installations without the need for complicated reactivations.

The downside is that when a USB-eLicenser is lost or damaged, you won’t be able to use your software. In the worst case, losing a USB-eLicenser that you forgot to register can also mean losing the software entirely.

The service around Steinberg Zero Downtime helps you, a registered user of Steinberg software applications, to avoid unexpected license errors or losses.

This is how Steinberg Zero Downtime works

In case of emergency, each USB-eLicenser registered on MySteinberg permits you to submit one online request for a Steinberg Zero Downtime license which can then be stored on a spare USB-eLicenser and allows you to use your Steinberg software for another 25 operating hours.

This extension provides the opportunity to apply for a permanent replacement of your license(s).

Our support team verifies your request straightaway and sends via e-mail the activation code(s) required for your new license(s).

How to request replacement licenses

  • Log into your MySteinberg account.
  • Go to My Products > eLicenser.
  • Your registered USB-eLicenser is listed here.
  • Click the life buoy symbol next to the defective/lost/stolen USB-eLicenser.
  • Follow the instructions in your MySteinberg account.

The final step provides the activation code with which you can store the temporary Steinberg Zero Downtime license on our your spare USB-eLicenser. You will also receive an e-mail, which includes more information and a link to a PDF form. Fill out the form to submit your written request for a permanent replacement of your license(s). Further steps are explained in detail within the e-mail.




  • You call a MySteinberg account your own.
  • Your defective/lost/stolen USB-eLicenser has been registered within your MySteinberg account.
  • You have a spare USB-eLicenser, which can be used in cases of emergency.

Fully functioning USB-eLicensers can be used as replacements. New USB-eLicensers are available from Steinberg dealers as well as through our online shop. USB-eLicensers that are already in use and which contain other licenses can also be used.

Important: Without the necessary USB-eLicenser, the temporary Steinberg Zero Downtime license cannot be saved. Steinberg software will only run when a USB-eLicenser is available.

Additional information

  • Please note that Steinberg Zero Downtime is exclusively available for Steinberg licenses.
  • Replacements for licenses from other companies that were also stored on the defective/lost/stolen USB-eLicenser are provided directly from the corresponding manufacturer.
  • There are a few licenses that cannot be used with the Steinberg Zero Downtime license (for example, the RND Portico plug-ins).
  • Steinberg Zero Downtime can currently only be provided once. If multiple USB-eLicensers are affected or the spare USB-eLicenser is no longer usable, please contact our Support Team directly.
  • We reserve the right to decline license replacements for repeated claims.