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General Information on Service and Repair of Steinberg Hardware (RMA)

Current Steinberg hardware has been developed in cooperation with Yamaha which contributes to its excellent quality. However, hardware problems might occur that would require a repair of the unit.
To rule out other reasons of defect as well as to avoid an unnecessary return of the hardware, please observe the following steps in advance:

  1. The hardware's manual and additional documentation is available on the included disc and may provide important information regarding faulty operation.
    Please read the available documentation carefully, in particular "Troubleshooting" at the back of the manual.
  2. Check our Download pages for hardware updates. Documentation brought up to date may also be available for download.
  3. Browse the Steinberg Helpcenter for more useful information on the product.
  4. In case the above-mentioned points are of no help to you, we recommend (if possible) installing the hardware on another system in order to exclude a possible malfunctioning of the computer system.

If the problem should persist, please phone or e-mail either Steinberg Support or the dealer from whom you purchased the unit. Here you will receive further support and, if necessary, a commission for the repair.

Since we work with an external service center, we would ask that no hardware be sent directly to us without prior agreement. It is not possible for us to process your delivery and, therefore, we would be required to return it at your expense!

Statement of Warranty

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