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Cubase 6 - Split audio files (July 2011)

In this section we will show you a quick way to split an audio file into several individual files. This could be useful, for instance, if you want to extract songs from a long live recording or create single files from a sliced drum loop.

1. Import audio file to audio track
Create a new project and open the pool window by clicking on "Media --> Open Pool Window (Ctrl+P)". Here, you can import the audio file you would like to work with. This audio file can be anything from a live recording to a drum loop. Now, you drag the file from the pool window over to the arrangement window to drop it into an audio track.

2. Cut up the audio event
Cut up the audio file into single events. You can do so by either using the scissors tool, by positioning the cursor and pressing Alt+X or by holding down the respective modifier (Alt) and using the object selection tool. Alternatively, you can use the detect silence or the hitpoint detection function to cut the event into smaller events (events are no single files, but containers which refer to the original file). Now, you can create individual files from the events.

3. Select all events with "Edit > Select > All on Selected Tracks"
To create individual files from the events, choose "Select all Events" by right clicking on the track in the track list. Alternatively, you can select the track and choose "Edit > Select > All on Selected Tracks".

4. Create single regions with "Audio > Advanced > Events or Range as Region"
Create single regions out of the selected events. Do so by selecting "Audio > Advanced > Events or Range as Region".

5. "Media > Open Pool Window (Ctrl+P)"
Now, open the pool window by clicking on "Media > Open Pool Window (Ctrl+P)". In the pool window you will find that our main file now has a plus icon to the left of it. If you click on the plus icon, a list of the single regions that have been created will drop down.  

6. Click on the little plus icon next to the main file and select all regions beneath it
Select all of these regions in the pool window by clicking on the first region, holding down the shift button and selecting the last region.

7. Select "Audio > Bounce Selection"
Select "Audio > Bounce Selection" from the audio menu. You will have to select a destination folder and Cubase will bounce the selections to this folder.
This will make single WAV files out of all the selected regions. These new files will appear in the pool and are located in the destination folder you have specified after executing the "Audio > Bounce Selection" command.

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