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Cubase 6 - Multiple Outputs (February 2012)

In this session, Eckhard Doll (Steinberg support) shows how to use multiple outputs for one audio track.

Did you ever need to send an audio signal from a specific track to multiple other audio tracks and outputs?

There is, of course, the option to use the send effect channels for that.

  • Add one or more "FX Channel Tracks" without loading an effect on them.
  • Create as many output buses as needed in the VST Connections (F4) -> Outputs
  • Assign the device ports provided by your audio interface
  • Route the "FX Channel Tracks" in VST Connections -> Group/FX to those outputs
  • Now, use the sends on any audio track in your project to send the signal to different tracks and outputs.

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However, there is another way to achieve this while keeping one "master audio track" with several "fake" audio tracks. Please note that this is only possible with the enhanced routing options in Cubase 5 and newer versions. Of course, the same can be done in Nuendo 4 and 5 (or higher) as well.

  • Create your audio track
  • Create an output bus in the VST connections (F4) and set it as "not connected"
    (it should be mono or stereo depending on the audio track you have)
  • Set the bus you created as the output bus of your audio track
  • Create as many audio tracks (again mono or stereo based on your audio track) as you need
  • Set the bus you created at step 2 as the input bus for all the "fake" audio tracks
  • Switch on the monitor button to hear all the "fake" tracks.

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Many thanks to Gemini from the old forum for the idea and the draft!