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Cubase iC Pro Android Public Beta

Cubase iC Pro for Android is available here as a public beta version for all Android devices using the operating system Android 5.x.
This version is not supported by us!


  • An existing license of Cubase iC Pro Android
  • An Android 5.x smartphone or tablet
  • Google Chrome for Android

After installing the SKI Remote extension (the download is available further down on this page), please follow these steps:

  • Launch your Cubase version
  • Go to the Devices menu and select "Device Setup…"
  • In the Device Setup window, click on "+" to add a new device
  • Select "Steinberg SKI Remote" from the pop-up list and leave the dialog open
  • Launch Chrome on your Android device and enter the http address shown at the bottom in the "Cubase device setup".
  • Tap the "Cubase iC Pro" icon in the Chrome browser of your Android device.

Cubase iC Pro will now be launched inside Chrome on your Android 5.x device.
You can now open the Chrome menu in the top right corner and select "Add to home screen". 

For more information, please read the online help in Cubase iC Pro.