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WaveLab Studio 6.1.1 Update

December 16th 2009

This minor update enables the installation of WaveLab Studio 6 on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) as a 32-bit application.

This is not a patch but a full installer. You do not need your original WaveLab Studio 6 installation CD. A valid license must be available. It can be used over an existing installation.

Compared to WaveLab Studio 6.1 no new feature or bug fix is introduced, except for a better compatibility when loading Waves plug-ins.

This update isn't officially supported because version 6.1.1 hasn't been fully tested.


Windows XP · Windows Vista · Windows 7
WaveLab Studio 6.1.1 - 54 MB

WaveLab Studio 6.1.0 Update

November 6th 2007


Windows XP · Windows Vista
WaveLab Studio 6.1.0 - 12 MB
Version History · Readme

New ASPI Driver

If you are experiencing problems (and only in this case) with cd burning or cd grabbing, please use the new aspi driver. The patch should always be applied *after* any WaveLab 6 patch. If you reapply a WaveLab 6 patch, the existing aspi driver will be overwritten. Please find more information about the new aspi driver in the aspi.txt document, which is installed in the WaveLab help folder.


WaveLab Studio 6 Documentation

Deutsch English Français WaveLab Studio 6.1.0 Addendum (multilingual)
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