Cubasis FX Packs

Two effect packs are available for purchase in the In-App Shop:

Any purchased item will be linked to your Apple ID. If you switch to another device or can't find your items enabled in the Effect Rack, simply hit the Restore purchased button.

FX Pack 1

Tape Delay

Simulation of a vintage 4‐head analog tape delay.

Stereo Delay


A stereoin / stereoout delay.

Long Delay

A mono in / stereo out delay that allows to set delays of up to four seconds.

Stereo Width

A stereo width enhancer with 4 modes.

Non-Linear Reverb

A "gated" reverb with a sharp cutoff.

Early Reflections

A short, dense reverb for simulating small acoustic spaces or close proximities and to thicken / blur sounds.

FX Pack 2

Pan & Tremolo

Autopan and Tremolo effect as used in vintage electric pianos.

  • Rate: Sweep rate.
  • Phase: Relative phase of left and right channel amplitude modulation to vary from tremolo to autopan.
  • Shape: Shape of modulation waveform from thin pulase, through sine, to fat pulse.
  • Mix: Wet / dry mix.

Rotary Speaker

Simulation of a rotary speaker cabinet with high and low rotors.

  • Rate: Master speed control: Stop, Slow, Fast.
  • Dirt: Amount of overdrive.
  • Lo / Hi: Crossover frequency between low and high rotors.
  • Width: Stereo width.
  • Tone: Adjust the tone of the overdriven signal.
  • Hi / Lo Speed: Speed of high and low rotor.
  • Hi / Lo Acc: Acceleration of high and low rotor.
  • Mix: Wet / dry mix.

Bit Reduction

Digital "Lo Fi" quality degradation.

  • Mode:Sets whether the bit depth is fixed or depends on the signal level (Linear or Companding).Note: This parameter cannot be automated.
  • Rate: Simulated sample rate.
  • Depth: Sample bit depth.
  • Slew Rate: Maximum rate of change waveform for a soft, wooly distortion.
  • Mix: Wet / dry mix.


Modulated vowel formant filter.

  • Rate: LFO Modulation rate (Optional temo sync: Cannot be automated).
  • Depth: LFO Modulation depth.
  • Vowel: Center setting: Vowel produced when there is no modulation.Note: This parameter cannot be automated.
  • Attack: Rate of response to a rising input signal level.
  • Release: Rate of response to a falling input signal level.
  • EG Amt: Amount of vowel modulation by input signal level.

Wah Pedal

An Auto-Wah effect.

  • Rate: Modulation rate (optional tempo sync: Cannot be automated).
  • Depth: Modulation depth.
  • Pedal: Adjusts filter frequency.
  • Mode buttons:
    • Auto: Envelope controlled wah effect.
    • Pedal: No modulation, pedal parameter sets frequency.
    • Mod: LFO modulation. Rate parameter controls the modulation rate.
    Note: The Mode parameter cannot be automated.
  • Resonance: Sets the amount of filter resonance.
  • Tracking: Adjusts envelope tracking speed in Auto mode, and envelope rate modulation in Mod mode.


Psycho acoustic spectrum shaping.

  • High Depth: High frequency boost, combined with mid cut.
  • High Tune:High / mid tune.
  • Low Depth: Low frequency boost.
  • Low Tune: Low frequency tune.