Waves Plug-ins

Waves, the world’s leading manufacturer of effect processors celebrate their 25th anniversary and debut on iOS with a fine selection of pro-grade plug-ins — exclusively available through in-app purchases in Cubasis.

Any purchased item will be linked to your Apple ID. If you switch to another device or can't find your items enabled in the Effect Rack, simply hit the Restore purchased button.

Waves Terms of Use: Read End User License Agreement

Note: Waves plug-ins require iPad 4 or higher, iPad mini 2 or higher models. Apple iOS 11 or higher recommended for best performance.

Waves L1 Ultramaximizer

The Waves L1 UltraMaximizer combines an advanced peak limiter, a level maximizer, and a high-performance re-quantizer (IDR). It maximizes both the level of the digital signal and the resolution of the final file. L1 UltraMaximizer introduces between 64 and 96 samples of latency, depending on the Domain setting. Generally, L1 UltraMaximizer should be the last processor in your signal flow or workflow.

Peak Limiter SectionIDR section

Peak limiter section

IDR Section

Waves Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer

The Q10 is a multiband paragraphic equalizer that provides up to ten bands of flexible equalization. It provides very large Q values and large boosts and cuts, so it is a very effective tool for surgically removing problematic harmonic noises.


Waves AudioTrack

AudioTrack combines an EQ, Gate, and Compressor in a single plugin. It functions like the channel EQ and dynamics sections on a mixing console.

EQ SectionGate and Compressor Section

EQ Section

The AudioTrack four-band EQ can be controlled with both parametric and graphic controls.

The shaded area on the graphic display indicates how the filters are affecting the signal. It is color-coded to reflect the selected band.

Dynamics Section

Compressor / Expander Section