Micro Sonic

Micro Sonic is a condensed version of HALion Sonic, Steinberg's premier VST workstation. It allows you to browse and customize more than 70 production-ready kits and sampled instruments in Cubasis.

To load Micro Sonic, tap the instrument icon in a MIDI track or in the Inspector's instrument tab.

Instrument Browser

Tap the Instruments button to open a list of all available Micro Sonic instruments. Tap an instrument to load it. You can also switch to the next / previous instrument by tapping the arrow icons on the left / right on the instrument display.


Preview an instrument by using the note pads (monophone) and chord pads (polyphone).

Attack / Release

Like in the Inspector, you can adjust your instrument's attack (A) and release (R) values. To do that, simply slide the A or R circle horizontally and the envelope will adjust accordingly. Note: The attack and release values cannot be automated.

Instrument categories

Find your instruments easier by jumping to your desired category first. Tap a category and the instrument browser will automatically select the first instrument within that category.

Pitch bend range

Tap the e button on the right to open the pitch bend wheel's range control (in semitones). Note: When exporting to MIDI, Cubasis doesn't write the pitch bend range to MIDI files. It must be set manually in the app that you import the MIDI file into.