Keyboard And Pads

Tapping the Keys button in the top menu brings up Cubasis' on-screen keyboard and drum pad controller.


In the top left corner of the Keyboard window, you can toggle between keys and pads, as well as turn the sustain pedal and pitch wheel (left) on / off. The wheel's pitch bend range can be adjusted in the setup menu.

Note: If you have Micrologue selected as your current instrument, you can use the mod wheel (right) to control Micrologue's modulation parameters directly. Otherwise, the mod wheel is disabled.

To set the position of your keyboard, drag the light region in the miniature keyboard. Sliding the left or right marker changes the keyboard's range.

Chord buttons

Tapping one of the buttons labelled 1-10 at the top plays a chord. You can assign custom chords by following these steps:

Note: Chord button assignment is track-specific, therefore deleting it will discard all changes.

Drum / Chord Pads

If you have a drum kit selected, the pads play drum samples; any other instrument plays chords. Reassigning chords or samples is very simple:

  • Drum pad assignment is track-specific, therefore deleting it will discard all changes.
  • A track keeps the same sample types on its assigned pads, regardless of instrument changes; e.g. no matter what drum kit you choose, the kick sample is matched by the other instrument's kick sample.

Pad Mapping Copy and Paste

Transfer pad mappings between tracks and even projects by using the copy / paste button located in the pads' toolbar menu to the right; these buttons are only visible when in pad edit mode.

Note Repeat

When Note Repeat is enabled, holding a key or pad creates a pattern. Tap the Note Repeat button in the toolbar and select a note value from the menu to the right between 1/2 and 1/64 (also available as triplets).

MiniSampler Instruments

If you have a custom MiniSampler instrument selected, you can toggle between drum and chord mode, allowing your instrument to either act as a drum kit or chromatic instrument. Open pad edit mode to bring up the toggle menu.