The mixer is used for controlling and adjusting the output parameters of your tracks to achieve the best mix for your project.


Each channel represents one track of your project. Its name is displayed at the bottom.


Each channel holds the following controls:

Output buttonOutput display  

MIDI and audio trac ks can be assigned to up to 24 individual outputs (12 stereo pairs) simultaneously. The number of available outputs depends on capability of the connected audio hardware. If no audio interface is connected, only 2 output channels (stereo pair 1/2) are available.

To assign specific outputs, tap the Output display (showing 1/2 by default) and toggle stereo outputs via the buttons in the output popup. This popup window can also be called up by tapping the output panel in the inspector's routing section.

  • If multiple outputs are assigned to a single track, the output panel will display a plus sign, for example "1/2+".
  • Only the master channel (= the stereo output 1/2) has insert effects.
  • The send effects only route to the master channel.

Master channel

The last channel to the right of your screen (labelled 1/2 Stereo Out) represents all of your project's channels combined and routes to the first stereo output pair (channels 1 and 2). Consequently, it cannot be soloed or recorded on. You can add three master insert effects, that are applied to the whole mix.

For more information, see the Effects chapter.

Note: Below the assignable insert effects a built-in post-fader Brickwall Limiter is available in order to reduce occasional peaks in the signal. Insert button

Metronome output

The metronome button is only available on the master channel and additional output channels. This option allows you to select the output destination(s) of the metronome. For instance, to output the metronome only on channel 5, select output 5 & 6 and either pan the metronome to the left (in the setup menu), or pan the output bus 5 & 6 to the left.

Note: The metronome's output channels can also be configured in the Setup.