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Re: Network latency

vst connect is not for musicians to play together at same time from different locations .. but musician to record with Cubases playing back a recorded material, so the musician hears the playback music and plays along with it. the latency is not an issue here
by mozizo
Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:46 am
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Re: How do i access the vst instruments from the new mixer?

From time to time, I think manuals will be updated. At least once I have found myself looking at info that was not there last time I looked or which had moved. Although it is acceptable to look here for that quick fix saving a half hour in the manual to explain what button to push I find a passing relationship with it helps a lot. Also helps with these misunderstandings. Maybe a heads up PM to each other will help dissipate the heat a bit and create a new friendship.
by Buchanan
Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:17 pm
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Re: 7.5.10 discussion and questions

LOTS of other software is released with NO bugs at all. Especially Live and Reaper and Logic and Pro Tools and they all work on EVERYONE's computer just fine.
Cubase 7 sucks because it crashes on MY machine which is just PERFECT. If it doesn't crash on your machine then you're just not using enough plugins like what I do. Plus I write huge scores for movies and my clients look over my shoulder and laugh at Cubase 7 crashing. Please fix it.
I don't believe anyone has pointed these things out before.
by Buchanan
Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:35 pm
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Re: 7.0.7 late update

When dealing with human beings sometimes things can get delayed.
The plug that I use in this situation is called: 'Patience' ver1.0.

Works well. And it is 'free'.
Just download it and give it a try.

Good Luck!
by curteye
Sat Feb 01, 2014 1:11 pm
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Re: New MacBook


the complete Cubase 7.5 installer iso-files are available below the updates here: ... se_75.html
by Emil Hansson2
Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:50 pm
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Re: Cubase hangs - Cubase IC Pro will expire soon

Hi BHuck67

first of all sorry that Cubase is not starting up with the SKI.

Other then the license there are some other factors to check.

As Guillermo already pointed out above, giving the process enough permissions by running it as administrator might help.
The following is not only recommended if you run Cubase with the SKI remote but also as general advice to make your DAW environment more stable.
I expect the underlaying Windows up to date and to be original. Furthermore no crack tools should be installed (They often intercept connections and processes)

- You experience a crash! Work with this standard article to rule out the most common reasons:

- Cubase, plugins, extensions, drivers etc should always be installed for all users . Usually there is an option during installation. So if asked whether to install the program for all users or "only the currently connected user" always choose "all users" .

- Grant exceptions for Remote SKI, Cubase etc. in all installed security programs. Both Cubase and Remote SKI request network connections from your system which might be interpreted as malicious intend (even though they are harmless).
General computer advice: Never have more then one antivirus program on your system. Google "antivirus storm" or "AV storm" to find out more.

- Disable all automatic system maintenance from tools like CC cleaner or other registry maintenance tools.
They might accidentally delete or change information required by our software.
The same as for antivirus software counts here as well: Never have more then one of those tools active on system unless you know what you are doing.

This is already a lot to check so far and should cover all basics for stable operation.

Would be nice to hear if this helps :)
by Philippe Bono
Thu May 08, 2014 2:18 pm
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Re: Cubasis 1.8 update available now!

Please don't forget to rate the app in the app store! :-D
by crohde
Thu May 22, 2014 3:04 pm
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Re: Feature Request

Hello dermichl,

I explained on this post why it is not possible to change the behaviour of the undo in near future and offered a refund:

You later claimed to have gotten a refund for Cubasis:

Why are you still here? I don't know what we can do to help you now.
Now you don't own the app anymore and are still writing offensive stuff which makes me close this thread.

Apps are created in incremental steps. And since the launch of Cubasis 1.0 we have been working hard to give our users missing features free of charge with every update. With every update we evaluate what is being requested most (not only in this user forum) and implement those features – and we will continue making Cubasis the most intuitive DAW for iOS.
Even the iPhone didn't support basic functionalities like copy/paste in the first iOS versions and that didn't make it a bad piece of hardware back then...
by crohde
Mon May 26, 2014 10:26 am
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Re: Importing tracks from Pro Tools

Yes - Max 32 Audio tracks and 48 Midi.
In Pro-tools consolidate and export, then import into Cubase.
by BriHar
Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:13 pm
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Re: SideChain in cubase 7 elements???

C7 Elements doesn't support this directly. However, there are a number of third-party plug-ins that allow you to side-chain in limited-functionality hosts like this. Eg BeatRig Sidekick Extended — a compressor with another side-chain sender plug-in. It's 45 Euros, but there's a free demo. Alternatively, you could try a gain plug-in with MIDI learn — like Blue Cat Gain Suite (free). Then use a MIDI LFO (There are some freebies listed on KVR) to control the gain in time with the beat. Or, for $50, take a look at Xfer records LFO Tool, which would achieve a similar thing.
by MHoughton
Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:10 pm
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The Steinberg Forum Knowledgebase for Users by Users

Welcome to the Steinberg Forum Knowledgebase.

The learning curve is steep. The manual is boring. How can one integrate all his different equipment into a unified, intuitive music making machine? This is why Bassbase and I built this knowledgebase. The Steinberg Forum Knowledgebase is constantly under expansion and is in no way a static article. We try to provide new insights with everything from opening your application to locking down that next purchase.

To use this knowledgebase to its full potential we recommend you take advantage of the "Search this topic" field at the top of this page in addition to the Table of Contents in order to quickly find your problem.

Note: Much of this information is pertinent only to previous iterations of Cubase, up to Cubase 7.5. The applicability of the information is subject to change in Cubase 8 and subsequent updates.

Table of contents

Cubase Troubleshooting


Elicenser Errors


USB Mics

Intro to MIDI

Novation Automap with Cubase

Wavelab Troubleshooting

Tips & Tricks

MIDI 101

Expression Maps

Interfaces and Recording

Remote Control Editor

Importing Older Projects

MIDI Instrument Setup

Drum Maps and Extras!

Buyers Guides and Consumer Resources

How You Can Help

Getting Started

Welcome new users! If you have purchased Cubase and are unsure of where to start, look no further. Familiarize yourself with the concept of licensing then move on to the first steps .


In order to keep Cubase from being downloaded illegally, Steinberg has implemented a licensing solution to protect legitimate users.

This works by packaging software with an elicenser or "dongle", on which licenses can be stored. Licenses are activated by entering an activation code, which is discussed below. Any computer with the software installed and an elicenser in the USB port is authorized for use. Note that an elicenser can only run on one computer at a time.

Some Steinberg Products, including AI or LE versions of software do not require an elicenser. In this case, a "soft elicenser" is automatically stored to your computer's memory. For portability, transferring these licenses to USB elicensers is optional.

If you encounter any errors during the licensing process please consult the corresponding section below.

First Steps

1) Run the installer on the installation disc. Remember to install this for all users on your system just in case.

2) Open the elicenser control center, which should have installed alongside Cubase, with your USB elicenser (dongle) plugged in. Elements does not require a USB elicenser.
See the following image: Elcc.jpg
3) Click Enter Activation Code and type in the code that was printed on a slip in your package. Once you have finished, a license should appear in a new window, drag it to the desired elicenser.

4) Don’t forget to Register your product online at MySteinberg, so you have support if you misplace your USB elicenser or have any other troubles.

Before you even start up Cubase download the latest update to the e-licenser control center.

This should be updated regularly.

How to make your Forum Signature

Go to your User Control Panel here in the forum, then under the Profile tab, find the Edit Signature on the left. Signatures will help other users understand your system setup when you post your problems.

Bug Reports and Contacting Steinberg

How do I report a problem with Cubase?

If you still need to contact Steinberg, check this out:

If you live in the USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or United Kingdom, visit MySteinberg , log in with your Username and Password, then go to Support Request Form on the right. Now fill it out and send your request. You should receive an automatic email to your registered email address, confirming your form was successfully submitted. If you can’t find one, you should check your Spam folders.

If you live in any other country, support is provided by Steinberg distributors. Please find a list of distributors on this page:

Back to the Table of Contents
by Bane
Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:44 am
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Re: Will this product upgrade my C7?

He can upgrade, but not with that package. That upgrade will look for Cubase LE/AI 4/5/6/7, Cubase Elements 6/7, Cubase Essential 4/5, Sequel 2/3, SL 1/2/3, SX 1/2/3, SE3 or Studio Case 2, but his license is Cubase 7 full.

I think it is the same as this one:

Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't see Cubase 7 license listed there
by Makumbaria
Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:42 pm
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Re: Can barely see menu labels!

I'm not really in the position to reply to your questions - not only my duties in the Company are different: the technical reasons behind this would be better explained by a software engineer, which I'm not.
However, I'm aware many users didn't like this requirement, so I'll try.

1. From the Microsoft Framework used, which requires Aero for hardware acceleration. I would think it will improve both future compatibility and performance (some will remember the spiking issues with plug-ins' GUIs due to their implementation of multi-core processing combined with slow GPU drivers, just as an example).

2. Not able to reply to this, but the menu bar on Windows 7 deals with problems it doesn't have on Windows 8. I wouldn't exclude there were compromises with its design to allow Win 7 and 8 compatibility.
The menu bar is what is left of the old 'shell' - the main program functions need to be somewhere which is not the project window.

3. Indeed, there are good reasons. Preparing Cubase for the future, assuring compatibility and good performance on current and future OSs, getting rid of restrictions which made it impossible to implement features (and requests) because of inherent limitations, are the first springing to my mind.

There is often much more under the hood than it meets the eye, and everything is much more difficult in an application running under critical conditions (like real-time audio is). We receive requests that currently cannot be implemented and cannot improve functions because of environment restrictions that demand a re-write. I hope this somewhat clears the matter.
by Fabio Bartolini
Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:48 am
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Re: Can I use Cubase AI and Pro on same machine?

I think, if you want to use both, you have to buy the Pro8 seperately and NOT as a upgrade of your CUBASE AI8. Then it could work. BUT consider, that you can not use a lot of features of the Pro8-version inAI8 - like instruments, effects, visibilty options and for example the most of the scoring possibilities.

o.k. someone faster than me...
by slashgad
Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:51 pm
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Re: Update of Cubase 8 from 7

Yes, I too would suggest the full version of Cubase 8 for a trial.


Then you'll know whether it works with everything on your system.
Ultimately it's the only way of knowing for sure. There are lots of things on a modern PC that may affect the way things work and I'm not surprised the Steinberg contact can't give you a definitive answer. In fact he'd be crazy to say it definitely would.

FWIW, I have various AI versions, Cubase Artist 6 and the Cubase 8 trial on my PC and all run just fine. I never used Cubase 7 so can't comment on it against 8 but I'll definitely be upgrading from Artist 6 to 8 Pro.

Not sure what OS you're on but if you're on Windows then just make sure you do set a restore point before installing the trial, then if you do run into any problems you can just un-install the trial and roll back the system. Windows computers (I'm sure Macs too) are much better at this sort of thing these days.
by planarchist
Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:02 am
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Re: Getting Cubase to decide the tempo automatically

It's 'Process Tempo' in the Tempo editor.

Set the locators to the original material and open the Tempo Track Editor.
Click the Process Tempo icon (or set a Key Command to it)
The original length is shown.
In the New Range area set the 'end' to the time or bars location you want.
Hit Process, the new tempo is inserted at the left locator.

There's a help button in the dialog too...
by SteveInChicago
Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:18 pm
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Re: Hidden Status Line reappears when track is added/removed

The status line is opening because you have the Studio turned on and it's not connected. This was a feature introduced in 8.0 I think.

BTW, The videos you are posting don't run in Chrome. Use Licecap instead, its gif animations can be opened in any browser.
by SteveInChicago
Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:41 pm
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Re: USB eLicenser

Hi there. I was wondering if this usb licenser works with groove agent 4 and/or cubase pro 8? It looks a little different from the one at steinberg's website and it doesn't say e-licenser. I hope someone from steinberg can confirm. Thank you. This is the only one I can find here.
Yes, this is definitely the USB-eLicenser sold by Steinberg, aka the "Steinberg Key".

It will hold all licenses compatible with the eLicenser technology (including "Groove Agent 4" and "Cubase Pro 8").
by Dirk Stegemann
Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:15 am
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Re: Can't close vst effects' windows, they only turn black

Please, see my reply here:

to our knowledge this happens in an unsupported case: the plug-in overlays a window based on a different framework than Cubase's. This cannot be fixed on our side.

Can you please try the following:

1. Running Cubase in 64-bit (as far as I'm aware this affects the 32-bit version only)
2. Use the VST3 version of the plug-in, if available, as VST3 supports the above scenario.

Kind regards

by Fabio Bartolini
Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:18 pm
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Re: [DUPE]Cubase 8.0.20 update causing problems

For anyone still following this post, here is a new KB article on the issue: ... oject.html
by Chris Dobbs
Fri Jul 10, 2015 2:45 pm
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Standardise Locations For VST Plug-Ins Once And For All!

At least on Windows, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of all the places plug-ins may install themselves... with various bits lurking. This is a management NIGHTMARE. In 15 years of Cubasing I have =never= been able to do a completely transparent install/re-install when moving machines or replacing parts. The problem has rarely been a dongle. It's ALMOST ALWAYS been that one or more plug-ins needed to 'see' a previous virtual folder or drive connection OUTSIDE of the folders indicated in Cubase.

One small step... At the very least, when any plug-in installs, it should scan for the 'official' Plug-In folders that the user has designated in Cubase Plug-In Manager. Instead? Most plug-ins simply default to 'common/whatever' or /VSTPlugins. Lazy! Cubase should refuse to register plugs that don't follow that protocol.

Also, the VST standard should REFUSE to allow plugs to access files outside a certain domain (ie. outside of certain prescribed folders). The current state is that every plug can have as many darned folder locations they like.

My Poster Child for this was Alchemy. That company DESERVED to die, simply because they insisted on having the most convoluted file storage system ever invented. It -never- re-installed or updated properly! (Halion Symphonic Orchestra and Groove Agent are close seconds!) They created registry entries and goofy supplemental folders all over the place.

This protocol must DIE. Plug-In vendors must be encouraged (or compelled) to store ALL files in consistent, predictable spots... based on the settings the USER dictates in Plug-In Manager. Otherwise, long term management of projects is simply impossible.
by suntower
Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:03 pm
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Re: Grace period only starts from full install

In the past, the grace period has been based on the date that you ACTIVATE the license and NOT when you buy it, install it, or other. So, just be aware of that when you decide to enter the activation code into eLCC.
by jaslan
Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:44 am
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Re: Grace period only starts from full install

Actually, the license has not necessarily been activated even in step 3. Cubase uses a separate program called eLicense Control Center to manage licenses. It will be installed with Cubase (demo or permanent). You will go into eLCC and enter the Activation Code for your license and it will download and place the license on the dongle. The demo should work the same way, it will just be a different Activation Code and the license will have a time limit on it. All of this is completely separate from the installation of the actual Cubase software and, in fact, can be done without installing Cubase at all. You would just download the eLCC separately from the website. Also, the Cubase installed for the demo is the same as the retail version, it is just the license that is different because it has an expiration date.

Bottom line... The activation occurs when you open eLCC, enter the activation code, and click on, "download and activate license..." Again, it has nothing to do with installing Cubase software (demo or otherwise).
by jaslan
Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:43 am
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Re: Nuendo 7 cross grade from ProTools


I wasn't going to post anything here until successful completion, but it's been over a week since I started and a couple folks from this forum have offered to help so here's an update.

The email address on the cross grade form never gave any results, not sure why. I sent a service request with the information and received a response from Joshua. He's very helpful and sent a one time link to purchase, unfortunately the link was for Cubase not Nuendo. Some small sighing ensued.
I've sent him a couple more notes that it was for the wrong product, I'm willing to accept he has some days off per week and hasn't gotten back to me. It's been four days since the wrong link, hopefully that will be resolved.

I will post when this is successful.

by Hugh
Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:18 pm
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Re: Updating from 4>8

Guillermo wrote:I hope this is clear enough.

Sure is! Thanks, I think I'm going to do this. I'm still a little jumpy about buying expensive stuff totally via downloads...
by Rokkipuuma
Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:12 am
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Re: An open plea to Steinberg

The fact Cubase works as well as it does never fails to amaze me as it is so complex and deeply rich in amazing functions.

Frankly if SB/Yamaha with 100,000 + users, changes it's highly successful development strategy because 25 people on an internet forum are moaning about a few bugs then then I'm truly amazed by more than just their amazing software.

I've never come across a show stopper bug in all my years of using Cubase, if there are issues then SB put solutions on their web-site and they get sorted in the next update. No problem.

Sorry, with all respect, I just don't get the drama.

Yep, I Totally Agree.
by Mrhehon
Wed Dec 16, 2015 4:12 pm
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Re: Upcoming Grace Periods

The point is, the grace period is based on the date you activate the software, not when you buy it.
by SteveInChicago
Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:06 pm
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:( Studio Closing. Sending a Major 'MAHALO' and ALOHA to all

Aloha guys.

Well being waaaaay waaaaaay older than dirt, my wife has finally talked me into to it.

With a tear in my eye this will be the last year of running my studio.
Ironically this has been my 2nd best year ever; financially speaking. —go figure.
We will be closing up just after Xmas time.

I want to thank all those in this great Cubase community for all your help
and suggestions etc etc over the years (you know what I mean)

Also want to thank all the mods and the 'Powers That Be' for maintaining this place.
I have alway felt at home and welcomed here.
It was also kool to have been made a mod. Tanx to all the other mod guys for that. :)
I started doing DAW work in Toronto in 1993 with Cubase 2.8 and Finalé and I have never looked back.

SMPTE time code laid onto one track of a 4 track Tascam anybody? Ha!
Outboard sound modules all over the place. MIDI jitters anyone? Ha!
Hell I even remember burning my 1st CD. Ha!

Well I finally ended up on Maui using Cubase 8.5
with everything 'in da box' and have never been happier.

I was able to buy a home here and put my daughter thru school all by using Cubase.
I can't think of a better testament to the Cubase programme than that! Thanks Charlie.
In the future I will still 'pop in' here from time to time to check on
'whaaaaaaat's uaaaaaaaaaaaaap' in Cubeland. :) It's been one hell of a run.

You know what they say about what free advice is worth.
That being said. here goes:

To anyone thinking of starting up in this bitness:

1-Don't look back; somthin' might be gaining on you. —Satchel Paige
2-Don't skate to where the puck is; skate to where the puck will be —Steve Jobs
3-Trust the best piece of gear you will ever own; yer own ears —curt lee

Special tanks to forum members Weasel, Steve in Chicago and vic_france.
You guys helped changed my life.

Sending much ALOHA to all! Keep making music.
by curteye
Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:22 am
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Re: An open plea to Steinberg

I suggest that users be required to READ THE MANUAL and pass a basic test before being allowed to participate in the poll(s) recommended in this thread.

It'd also be nice if the hecklers who are obviously paid trolls for competing products were somehow weeded out. It's obvious at times that a lot of the noise is by people who have no intention of ever actually learning and using Cubase, let alone offering anything useful and constructive to things like bug fix and development jiras and wikis.

Every day I see dozens of 'feature requests' for things that Cubase has been doing just fine by multiple methods and workflow possibilities since nineteen-ninety-weird. At times it's as ridiculous as claiming my Trombone is a 'waste of money' because it doesn't play a supersonic C-32 all by itself....and oh good lord, Edward should give me a yellow brass bell for free now that I'm doing more jazz, even though I ordered the rose bell at a time I was doing more classical! Nothing wrong with the rose bell, but Edward somehow screwed me and owes me the Yellow bell too!

You can show them step by step exactly how to do it, and even give them scripts and macros that'll do it FOR THEM with a 'single click or key-combo', and even go so far as to give them a map so that punching ONE BUTTON on their MIDI keyboard will do it....and they just stick their fingers in their ears, spout off examples of how a dozen 'other products' does it (usually takes just as many steps or requires just as much time/brain power), and fuss for many hours on forums instead of giving it a try and getting back to making music.
by Brian Roland
Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:18 pm
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Re: An open plea to Steinberg

I completely agree with Blackout here. And if the early (incomplete, to the point of missing KEY features and full of bugs) release of Dorico is any indication, I fear that Cubase 9 will be more of the same. Obviously Cubase is a much more mature product than Dorico. But the point still remains, Steinberg doesn't care to sell us unfinished software (OK, technically all software is a work in progress. But I'm sure you guys get my point).

Actually, we do care a lot and the release of Dorico is not an indication as it is a completely different development branch with a different development team in a different location. Also, Dorico's Daniel Spreadbury communicated very openly what Dorico will be in its first incarnation and what it is not going to be. We even had the pre-release forum online months before its release to discuss with users and made them aware of what to expect.

The next big Cubase version will have a lot to offer and will address workflow complaints and bugs at the same time.
by Ed Doll
Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:46 pm
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