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Re: Quick controls, embarrassed already

The problem is that the midi messages get both to the QC, the GR and the VST instrument itself.
Configure your axiom to send CCs that you don't expect to see on a VST or if you can, have it split to multiple midi inputs. Try CC 101-108 for QCs. Worked for me with the Axiom 25 we have in class.

I have a Roland A500Pro, which has the cool bonus that it appears as two different devices. I've set the keyboard and pitch/modulation as Device 1 and the rest (knobs, faders, transport buttons) to Device 2.

Device 2 is routed to Generic Remote (btw, if you use the GR, just map the QCs there instead of in the VST Quick Controls).

If you can't do that, map the buttons/knobs to a different midi channel (Ch16 for example), and filter them out on the midi / instrument channel input transformer.

And another P.S, Cubase has undocumented support for Soft Takeover / Catch mode if you fiddle with the GR some. Let me know if you want that and I could help.
by Soul-Burn
Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:27 am
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Re: Quick controls, embarrassed already

Yeah, if all else fails, just use the input transformer.

Attached is a preset that turns CC21 into CC11. Extract it into your "AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase\Presets\Input Transformer\Controller Filtering" folder and change the controller numbers to whatever.

The downside is that you only get 4 of them at any one time.
by Plasuma
Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:42 pm
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Re: Quick controls, embarrassed already

A bit off topic, but I noticed your signature and got confused.

You state you have Cubase 7.5.1, but I'm currently at 7.5.0 and there is no update available to 7.5.1. Mistake or.... are you some sort of betatester ? ;)
by MaXxive
Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:42 pm
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[Solved] - Cubase 7.5 - Halion Sonic SE2

**Turns out I had a 3GB zip called '' file sat in my downloads folder that I obviously hadn't installed properly. HSSE2 had installed but without the new content (TRIP etc). I had to run SETUP.exe and then the installer informed my that my HSSE2 content needed 'updating'.

It has also updated the UI for the existing content to the new Grey look!**


New user name - Old User.

I've upgraded to Cubase 7.5 - which is great :) but i'm hoping someone can help me because I'm confused.

I' can't see any of the options that let me access the new TRIP functionality in Halion SE2? - I go to the patch browser with all the filters visible - but I don;t have a library named Halion SE TRIP (I've seen this on tutorial videos) - I just have the basic libraries?

I've installed the plug-in update patch - this has now revelead the presence of Magneto etc - but hasn't impacted my TRIP problem.

I presume I'm doing something dumb, so would appreciate a helping hand!

Thanks, in advance,

by paul mallett
Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:22 pm
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Bars&Beats and snap


Just bought IC pro, but I have some initial problems.
1. I can't find how to change the ruler to bars n beats. The ruler in Cubase is allready in Bars+Beats so I don't understand why IC pro shows it in seconds? And I don't find a way to change it.

2. Snap doesn't work. The snap function is on i Cubase but IC pro is not snapping.

Have I missed something?
by thomas911
Tue May 13, 2014 10:40 am
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Re: double recording with midi

Thanks all.
Peakae, I already had tryed disabling midi thru without succes. I finalyy solved the problem in midi inputs disabling Windows inputs.
by LinusB
Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:29 pm
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Re: Importing audio, problems with loop tempo & pitch

Check sample rates of loops versus your project settings?
by enjneer
Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:55 pm
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Re: Can you have overlapping audio clips in cubase 8?

made a quick vid for you:

looks like i'm late :)
Well, hope someone else finds it useful
by stereolost
Sat Dec 06, 2014 2:20 am
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Re: Superior Drummer 2.0 Multi-Out

This is a beautiful color coded Excel spreadsheet midi key map for almost every single EZX and SSD package made by Toontrack.

user godprobe has made and provides that you might find useful:

Then with this you can create your custom made drum maps for Cubase. It won't take that long. I begged Toontrack to bring back the user made drum maps, but at this point it's obvious they aren't interested in doing that as mentioned above.
by greggybud
Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:21 am
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Re: "bugs" vs. "new"


I know you said.... but why not a poll? It adds the figures for you. I'd prefer some in-between options if you go for it :)

by GargoyleStudio
Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:27 pm
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