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Some more requests for bug fixes etc :p

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:17 pm
by MR909
Hi Carlos
As LoopMash is my main app, I have a vested interest in its development :)
So anyway here is some more suggestions to the list

1. Quicker scene changes are a real must. I quite often get a lag, and miss a beat when changing scenes, even if I am right on cue. I notice this in particular if a scene has different loops from the scene before.

2. Great sensitivity when activating the current effects. Sometimes I get lag and miss a scratch even when I am on cue/ on time. The other thing is I find that when you beat repeat you have to release the beat repeat button a beat earlier than you intend to. I find that I really have to practice this to get it right, especially when bouncing to a desktop.

1. It would be great to remote control the filter/flange with an on/off button from the effects panel. At the moment, if I want to use the filter, I create a dedicated scene, because it is a pain to swipe down, then right, then right again to activate the filter/flange, and then swipe left, left and up to change a scene. It deters me from using this awesome feature.

2. A play button in the scene/effects page.

3. More effects. Especially, reverb, delay.

4. And finally for live use, on the save/load preset page, it would be awesome having a LOAD page that shows a scene shot of that particular preset. The idea of this is that, when you are playing a preset and you want to load up a new one, you can select the scene you want to drop into without having to rely on whatever scene that you last saved as a preset on. One of the many things I love about LoopMash is the ability to load up a new preset seamlessly. Even better still, a LOAD page that has a cross fader!!!! ;)

I will shut up now :)
Thanks again

Re: Some more requests for bug fixes etc :p

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 12:28 pm
by MR909
Sorry one more :mrgreen:
I forgot to mention, the tempo slider, it's really hard to use in that it scrolls way too quickly, so its hard to pinpoint the tempo you want. Cheers