UR 22 Phantom Power Noise

This section is about Steinberg's UR and UR-RT USB audio interfaces product range
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Re: UR 22 Phantom Power Noise

Post by loorenz »

Hi Stefan,

Sorry but I can't find any way on the DHL website to create a pre-paid returns label from France to Germany.
I'm lost in the DHL website. Wich service may I use to create a label with your account number ?
Have you got a link for me ?

When I have to send back an item to a big online music store that is in Germany, they send me a pre-paid returns lablel in PDF, it's more easy for me.
Send me a PM if you want, because it's probably not the right place to post such messages about shipping.


EDIT : I have just spend an half hour to find a way to ship my UR22 with DHL the only shipping available method I have found is DHL express for 104 euros :shock:
So could you please add more details and explain a little bit more how to send you back easily the unit.
Or I PM you address and you send me a PDF file of a return label.

I have bought this unit 3 weeks ago, I have a faulty unit and I just want to have a repaired unit that I can use with phantom power.
Actually if I use any condenser microphone of my gear (I have tried with 5 different mics) I have low-frequency noise (no small) in my monitoring system and in the recorded tracks.
I can't really use this unit with phantom power, neither with my guitars… so the unit is in the box je most of the time.
I just want a simple way to get an operating unit. :|

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Re: UR 22 Phantom Power Noise

Post by ruchita »

I as of late obtained a UR 22 and I am encountering a persistent and throbbing low murmur when the installed 48v ghost switch is locked in. The murmur is exceptionally low and seems like a test tone at around 30-50 hertz. The XLR line and mic has been tried on a simple blender without any issues. Is there maybe a setting that I'm absent?

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