Repurposing CMC series devices as MIDI controllers

This section is about Steinberg's CMC controllers
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Re: Repurposing CMC series devices as MIDI controllers

Post by Martyprod » Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:30 am

-steve- wrote:
Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:29 pm
It does work here without the Steinberg CMC Extension V1.1.3 installed. The device isn't populated in the Studio Setup dialog.

The trade-off though is the regular functions aren't available for any other CMC devices- though holding down shift on the FD does still activate finer resolution.

These devices really are great. Their sale prices have only been going up on Ebay. Glad I have 2 FDs, 1 QC, 1 TP, 1 CH. I'm gonna be a millionaire between these devices and the Mac Plus I still have in my Garage. ;)
I'm afraid i'll keep mine during a while, until I found better controller... i'll be poor for life anyway, always been lol :D. i bought them all in 20177/2018 for a price around 90 to 100$ (maybe only one or two was at 50 or 60 max).

i see two downside (as i own them all lol except missing 2 FD... d*** lol.. i must hurry !), must reprogram everything in bome, but it's just a matter of time, it's not a so much big deal (if we still want to use the other devices the way it does with cubase while using some specific one sending other message).
the small real issue i see (lol) is esthetic. the Led are helping me a lot, certainly there is a way to generate them, because on other controller it's possible (saw that in the manual of the presonus or berhinger controller), it's certainly a Midi Message or something. any idea about that ?

I tried to put information on a piece of paper over each pad / slider etc, but the "surface" of the devices make it difficult, someone found a solution for this ? i have a bad memory and have difficulty to remember all the different combinaison when using bome as i use these controllers for a lot of other software (video editor etc..).

but these controller are amazing, just sad that steinberg didn't opened them to the others than cubase, and forcing (until now) their use in cubase with fixed edition, because it could have been very popular. I don't know if the presonus or the berhinger controller (the one with the motorised fider) work, but unfortunatly, the fader make certainly some noise and i have big issues with noise, so can of forbidden to use such device. the pad on the PD and the fader don't hurt my hands too, pretty amazing when we thing about it. Want to thank steinberg to have made them and at the same time, ins*** them a bit lol.
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