Questions about Padshop version and how to use

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Questions about Padshop version and how to use

Post by WTS » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:11 pm

my system : macOS Sierra
my Cubase software ( for this question ) : Cubase LE A1 Elements 9 and Padshop

Today ( Thu, Mar 23, 2017 ) download/installed a trial version of Padshop.

When I launched Cubase LE A1 Elements 9 wanting to try out Padshop it shows in the bottom lower right corner window as Padshop Pro.

Somewhat confused here :

i.e. is Padshop or Padshop Pro already included in the Cubase LE A1 Elements 9 software ?

if not, why does it show up as the Pro version when i only downloaded the regular version ?

Question about using Padshop:

set it up to play a midi bass track however Padshop plays/sounds like a piano
can't figure :oops: out how to have Padshop use a bass voice or any other voice ?

Help/advice desperately/anxiously required, please.

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