W10 latest Anniversary update crashes padshop

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W10 latest Anniversary update crashes padshop

Post by danstanley »

I v been running Padshop in Ableton Live 9 and rock Reaper on my 64 bit Windows 10 i7 Cpu pc. for a while without issues. After the latest update of windows I have encountered the following issues, which makes padshop unuseable.

1. Every second time I load Padshop into Live, Im told that it is not compatible with live. But then I just create a new track and load it without issues.

2. Old bug! When switching presets in Live it frequently crashes and im once again told its not compatible with live.

3. rock Reaper, which is a very vert stable DAW also crashes to the desktop when loading Padshop and when switching presets.
I think this is the first time Iv ever encountered a vst to crash Reaper!! And I have no issues running Omnisphere 2. Komplete 11, BT Phobos, HALion 6 or any other vst. Only Padshop Pro has issues.

I have tried to reinstall Padshop, deinstall HALion6, Ableton live and the Audio drivers
Nothing has fixed the issue.

Anyone running Padshop perfectly on a similar setup??
Soundcard Focusrite2i2


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Re: W10 latest Anniversary update crashes padshop

Post by Stinger64 »

Reaper-x64 here too ... and W10-x64, i7, 32Ram. On my system I can add as as many PS tracks as I want ... no problem changing presets ... and no problem adding more PS tracks or deleting PS tracks ... UNTIL ... I have one PS track left. With 1 PS track ... if I delete that track and try to add another PS track ... Reaper leaves the building.


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