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Using iPad Gen6 with OS 12.3.1, iC Pro, Win10

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 12:16 am
by mr.roos
Not sure why Steinberg hasn't updated the OS info here but this is all good here. I'm also using the SKI 1.0.8 Remote 64 with Win10.

I will add that the iPad is new and I had to enter the IP address in the iPad before my DAW recognized it on restart. Now when I open iC Pro, my DAW is listed in the iPad and it connects automatically. Looking back I think this is so typical with the app and Cubase. It's like priming a water pump, it takes a handful of water to connect/create the flow.

I love this app, I hope Steinberg appreciates how valuable a tool it is to ppl like me. Thanks Steinberg!