I realy need help with this AdHoc

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I realy need help with this AdHoc

Post by socrates190 »

Hello again....

well , i try to get it work, but the problem starts from the beginning!
It's not that easy , as described in the Video.... and i am realy getting MAAAD :evil: :x

" just create a new AdHoc Network" (on win7 64bit) and go to your Android Tablet ( Samsung Galaxy Tab II ) on Wifi Settings and after a scan you will see your AdHoc Network and the only thing i have to do is connect to it!

Weeelll No , just No!!

I do searched for recommended devices and that's why i bought me a Samsung Galaxy Tab II with Android 4.1.2
I am thought i am doing something wrong , but i did everything the Video told me! I also searched and read the troubleshooting... but nothing.

My tablet can't see the AdHoc Network and it's a recommended device.

So could someone give me some tips on how i can get it working?

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Re: I realy need help with this AdHoc

Post by mr.roos »

I hope you got this resolved by now but if you haven't, here goes: skip the ad hoc network. This is bogus info. Yes, it will work eventually, but there is no need to set this up because your wifi equipped Win7 PC will find your device on the network that you already have. Understand?

I did run with the ad hoc network for a while but it was just too confusing for the PC.
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