Android-5 compatibility

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Android-5 compatibility

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STEINBERG - What the heck is going on with ICPro and Android-5?

Do you intend to fix it or not?

We are all completely fed up with this situation and the total lack of information from you about what is happening.

It is really disgraceful the way you ignore your customers in this way.

If you have no intention of fixing it, just give us our money back, like a proper business would - Taking the money and not supporting the App within such a short period of time time looks like nothing less that a scam!

If you are working on it and intend to release an update soon, please let us know (it is easy to do), and in which case I apologize for getting angry about this.

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Re: Android-5 compatibility

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sorry for the inconvenience, but there is already a topic on this issue. Please wait until further announcements. ... 74&t=69092

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Re: Android-5 compatibility

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