ic pro and SKI LICENCE

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ic pro and SKI LICENCE

Post by monmol11 »

I purchased this app approx 1 month ago and installed the SKI software, set up in Cubase 8. All a bit clunky however it did work. After 1 month of use cubase at boot up is telling me that the ic pro licence is out of date in 3 hrs and it freezes sometimes and goes no further. The only thing I could do was to uninstall the SKI app and go back to no wifi control which renders the app useless. It will not let me go back to an earlier version of SKI.
I see speculation around andriod etc, No andriod, no options duriing SKI control , straight install so you have a problem.

You seem to be aware of the problem however nothing from Steinberg page to acknowledge or fix the issue. Bottom line is I paid for an app which does not work with the latest version of cubase. The remote is NOT a small issue as I teach music & technology,remote is critical, I moved from Sonar to Cubase in April, now back to Sonar for a stable platform!

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Re: ic pro and SKI LICENCE

Post by ChrisDuncan »

I've started encountering this problem as well after a few weeks of everything working great. The error message I get on Cubase 7.5 startup is "The license for application Cubase IC Pro will expire soon. Duration until expiration - 1 hour 38 minutes 1 second."

Curiously, I first started getting this error message last night, around 12 hours ago, and at the time it was reporting 4 hours until expiration, and now it's 1 hour.

Anyone have any insights on this that they could share? It's a very handy little app and I'd hate to lose it due to a technical glitch.
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