Backing up shortcuts & Scrolling Main project windows

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Backing up shortcuts & Scrolling Main project windows

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Good morning everyone!
I'm a user of Cubase Ic Pro for Android, and I've nearly ended the process of creating my own shortcuts...but...
I've 2 questions left:

1- is there some way to back up externally the 4 screens of personal shorcuts that I've created and saved inside my tablet? It's quite a long process creating them one by one, and I would like to back them up externally, just in case of future upgrades, formatting or changing device... Maybe a folder inside the device? Which one?

2- I built a page for faster navigation purpouses, I implemented both vertical and horizontal zoom in & zoom out, jumping to next-previous markers. Now I would like to have 4 directional buttons to scroll left-right-up-down the main project window, but I didn't find a proper command. I found up-down-left-right commands but they work as moving the 4 arrows on the keyboard...not like scrolling the 2 bars in the main event window...I attached an image to better explain what I'd like to do...

Thanks in advance for your attention :)
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