Is iC Pro still viable?

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Is iC Pro still viable?

Post by Patanjali »

Given that the sizable potential Android market for iC Pro has nowhere to go, will there really be enough numbers among the iOS users to justify keeping the product stream at all? Or are SB just going to do an Apple on us and say 'its Apple or the road'!

We specifically bought a plain vanilla Nexus tablet just for the Android version, and have kept it up to date. Fortunately, we can use it for web site testing, just like we do with an iPod touch (exactly the same OS and screen res as an iPhone 5).

The other potential market is Win 10, as it will be able to run on a wide slew of devices, from phones to surface hub (84" 4K 100 touch points, and Kinect motion sensors). Any comments SB?
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