[FR] Switch CYCLE-MODE on & off during record

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[FR] Switch CYCLE-MODE on & off during record

Post by Niekbeem »

I work a lot with very short musical projects which I usually build in cycle mode.

During playback one can freely switch this cycle mode on and off, but in record mode it's impossible to switch it on/off.
Quite annoying when you've forgotten to switch it on/off beforehand.......

I hope SB will include this option in some upcoming update?

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Re: [FR] Switch CYCLE-MODE on & off during record

Post by Bifop »

+1 !

It happens many times that I go into loop recording unintentionally...
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Re: [FR] Switch CYCLE-MODE on & off during record

Post by Yannick »

+1 and I would really like to add the ability to move L/R locators too (ex : adjust punch out point while in record mode)



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