[FR] Multiple projects : disable automatic activation

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[FR] Multiple projects : disable automatic activation

Post by Yannick »

Hi, I often work with multiple projects, it would be a huge timesaver if, when closing a project, Nuendo didn't automaically load the next one (mixer, plugs, instruments...) if that's not what you actually want to be happening !

Example :
I have a full multitrack show heavy project that is opened in Nuendo but isn't meant to be active, because i'm only cutting and drag'n'dropping the audio of each song in new projects I create to end up with one project per song.
If I close the project I created for the first song BEFORE creating the project for the second song, Nuendo loads the full show project by default and it can take some time...

It would be nice if a project could stay inactive unless you click the "activate project" button even if it's the only project opened in Nuendo...


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Re: [FR] Multiple projects : disable automatic activation

Post by Marsman »

Personally I think the whole "multiple projects" handling needs an overhaul

It should work like DP´s "Sequence Chunks"

also multiple "chunks" sharing a sample pool, video, VSTis loaded, etc.

Very useful for film scoring, many different cues and one long video

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Re: [FR] Multiple projects : disable automatic activation

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