Sonote re edit PROBLEM in Cubase 7

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Sonote re edit PROBLEM in Cubase 7

Post by sidx » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:43 am

Hi guys, just bought this tool and i have a big trouble. After installation done, vst3 plugin appears in instruments list but every time i try to add sonote to a project, it completely freezing cubase, interface becomes reaaly realy slow. a huge latency between key command or mouse click and action. No way to work like this and deleting track with Sonote - bring things back to normal. If u try to load any preset to Sonote, even a windows explorer would be frozen and you'l need ctr-alt-delete help. Google shows zero info about this issue, i cant believe that im alone with it.
Im running on Windows 7x64 Cubase 7.0.2. Sonote with last 1.0.1 update. Appreciated for any help.

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