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[SOLVED 6.0.4]R-7422:Offline Proc. leads to unrespons. state

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:00 am
by Helge Vogt
Altiverb wrote:I'm mainly a sound editor, so I use to process a lot of clips. And I saw a few plugins crashing N6.0.3.

As for example, Izotope RX 2 denoiser :

While doing a offline process, it works without any problem. But when I'm trying to run my offline process history, Nuendo crashes 2/3 times. After that, there's no possibility to run offline process history, it still crashes. Then, the project become unstable...
Another weird point : when I'm looking for the clip's path in the pool, Nuendo doesn't increment my file and it's still shown as the original one (located in "audio" folder). But when I listen to it in the multitrack, it's the edited one that's playing (located in the "edit" folder). Strange and buggy.
Original report: ... 77&t=37888