Hiding individual tracks within a group.. ?!

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Hiding individual tracks within a group.. ?!

Post by Brandy » Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:38 pm

I love the new track-hide feature in the project window!! One of the reasons I instantly switched to N6.5.

But I often work with grouped tracks - for example when working with drums or for example guitars.. Lets say I have a group featuring a DI Track and 3 Microphone-Tracks. The Tracks are grouped - now I want to hide the DI track or maybe an unused mic-track.

It is not possible! If I ungroup the tracks I can hide some of them, if I group them again the tracks are appearing again.

It would be awesome if the hide feature would be independent of the group status. In my workflow usually most or at least a lot of my tracks are within a group..
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