[ISSUE] Displaying the Wave Editor Panel

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[ISSUE] Displaying the Wave Editor Panel

Post by mementostudio » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:12 pm

Hi everyone,

I do work for Film Industry in France with Nuendo 6.5 Nek Version
Today creating a new project I had a problem I've never seen before.
I wor on mac pro 5.1 2x 6 Core Intel Xeon 2,66 with 32 Go Ram with SSD on system and with separated HDD in the mac for Samples and Audio Projects.

Here is what happened :

1. Created empty project
2. Import an audio track with the right projects configurations (sample rating etc...)
3. Opened the wave Editor
Issue : Graphics Colors instead of waveforms as a bug (See attachment for details)
4. Closing the Definition in the Inspector (I use French version so I don't know what is the good name in English Version) on the left seem to solve it but what if want to make something here ?

Anyone having troubles like this ?

Thank you very much all of you.


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