Automate loop end points

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Automate loop end points

Post by Codsworth » Fri Mar 11, 2016 5:08 pm

Can you please make it possible to automate when you move the sustain loop end points etc.

So then it would be easy to do that speed up & slow down audio/loops trick that is in so many released tracks. I know its easy in ableton but I cant see how to do it in Cubase/Halion.

You know the effect when the sample repeats but then repeats quicker & quicker until its a buzz & then slowed down again.

This could be easily achieved in Halion if we could just automate the movement of loop start & end points (especially sustain end point)

Please try & make this happen, it would really be a cool feature & I think not too hard to implement (I hope).

Kind regards, Codsworth :D


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