A request from a Steinberg lover customer.

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A request from a Steinberg lover customer.

Post by Egoadsr » Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:09 am

Hi Steinberg,
I'm not hired to talk to you about that, but i think that it can eventually atract your interest...

There is a little guy, that is working hard on an open source music software, actually, it seem that he have some problem about creating a VST that send and receive audio and midi to and from his software, inside the VST...

It's here : https://vcvrack.com/

Is someone that is really skilled about VST3 can use a false identity, and help him to realize his really nice, collaborative, and really promising project.

Thanks a lot, this message will auto-destruct in 5 4 3...
Cubase v9.5 + some plugs +a soundcard + midi controllers + little guitars + a pair of M-audio BX5d3 + some good headphones + a good laptop to run Cubase ( this mythological sound software that make me believing when i was young it was an excalibur made by the gods of sound ).

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