Holy Beeeep

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Holy Beeeep

Post by peakae »

My Dac decided to blow up the other day.
Just left the room to get a cup of coffee, and kaboom BEEEEEEP.
Thank god my speakers a limiter protected, but man that was loud.

Today my replacement arrived, Grace Design m900
I know not really the top of the line DAC, but I am really surprised how much better it sounds compared to anything I have owned.
Just detail and the silence between the notes, like everything just got more precise.
Can't stop listening to music.
Just wanted to share a Negativ turning into a Positiv.
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Re: Holy Beeeep

Post by MattiasNYC »

I'm not surprised. I've got the m902 and it's fantastic.
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Re: Holy Beeeep

Post by jamgrass »

Have you been able to get the m900 working with Cubase? I can't seem to find a way

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