(Re)downloading Steinberg products...

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(Re)downloading Steinberg products...

Post by SamGardner »


I'm having a hard time re-installing my Steinberg products (fresh Windows install)...

I'm downloading through the Steinberg download assistant. The speed was ok for a while, I could get Cubase and a few other products fairly quickly (got optic fiber, so it's usually pretty fast). But the speed suddenly dropped to a few kB/s... I tried pausing/unpausing, restarting the assistant and even restarting Windows, but nothing worked.

Also, I can't seem to find where to download the expansion packs I bought earlier this year. I can't find them in MySteinberg page (I can only see the serial numbers, but no download options), and only 2 of them are available through the assistant (Metro heights and modern jazz).

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: (Re)downloading Steinberg products...

Post by Nickeldome »

Download speed could vary depending on various (temporary) reasons. Your computer, your provider, issues at Steinberg? As for finding downloads? Your previously downloads are probably all in the same folder you downloaded them previously. Please take the time to categorize your downloads. Make separate folders for all the downloads you plan to make. Then, before actually download them in the Steinberg Dowwnload Assistant, click the settings icon to choose the right folder where to download them.

Some older downloads may not be available anymore. In that case you have to contact Steinberg.
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