Just started streaming hybrid-orchestral music production live on twitch (CUBASE 10 USER)

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Just started streaming hybrid-orchestral music production live on twitch (CUBASE 10 USER)

Post by TimBlast » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:07 am

Hi everyone! I have been a Cubase user for almost 10 years now and this forum have helped me a lot!

I am proud to announce that I have started streaming live on Twitch. I have done 4 streams so far with the first one being a live sample library review and demo composition, second being an overview of my huge hybrid-orchestral template in cubase 10 for film and tv scoring, 3rd and 4th streams were dedicated to composing and producing a cool hybrid-orchestral trailer music track from scratch:) (you can listen to the finished track here )

Here is the link to my twitch channel:


My streaming schedule is: Every Wednesday and Saturday starting at 10 am PST (1pm EST / 5pm GMT) . I will stream for about 3 hours each time:)

I will be focusing on cinematic music production such as film scores, trailer music, video game soundtracks, as well as metal and orchestral metal music production. The big plan is to live stream full production of my next EP (from setting up, recording, mixing, mastering and publishing). I also have connected with multiple audio and video software developers so I will be having giveaways and sample library reviews.

I am working hard on getting partnered with Twitch as soon as I possibly can, so I would really appreciate if you could visit my channel and leave a follow (by pressing the heart button). And if you can make it to the live stream, please say hi in the chat, I get very exited when people are chatting and asking questions.

I am very exited to grow as a streamer and to share my experience as a working film and tv score composer with everyone watching. See you there:)
Tim Blast
Film TV Trailer Game music composer
using.... Cubase 10 PRO on master PC (i7 6950x, 64gb DDR4 ram, 8gb rx 480 video card, all SSDs) with Vienna Ensemble PRO 6 on slave PC (dual xeon 20 cores each, 128gb DDR4 ram, Geforce 980 Ti 6gb video card, all SSD drives holding Kontakt libraries)
Gear: Apollo 8 with 2 Uad 2 quad satellites. Arturia 88 keylab midi controller. JBL studio monitors, lots of synths, guitars, fx pedals and etc

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