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Re: Cubase for Linux

Post by MrSoundman » Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:29 pm

I'm quiety chuffed and pleasantly surprised to see "Cubase for Linux" score 17th place out of 50 suggestions in the feature requests poll.
Looks like there's demand for it after all! 8-)
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Re: Cubase for Linux

Post by creativesound » Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:29 pm

I think it is time for you guys at Steinberg to put attention on this topic.
For many people Linux is a great alternative to Windows, especially to Windows 10 because of their
stupid update policies (doing updates when it wants and not letting the user decide when to update) and Windows 7 is not supported anymore either.

It is a prejudice that Linux users are either hackers or people who do not want to pay!
In fact I am a Linux user and I would not hesitate to upgrade to Cubase 10 Pro, if there was a linux version.

You already did a Unix-Version 'cause you wanted to address Apple users, well Linux is very similar to
Unix/MacOS so there should be no great effort in making a linux version.

In terms of support: Concentrate on Cubase itself and the interface between cubase and the underlying audio server
(PulseAudio or even Jack). I think there will be enough people who care to make this interface work properly (I have good experience
with people investing time to help people just getting their computers to work like they want).
And don't be irritated about the vast amount of distributions. Pick one of the most popular (RedHat, Ubuntu or even
OpenSuse if you want something with German Origin, Manjaro is partly German too, by the way) and stick to it, the
people who really want to use Cubase will either use this distro or have enough knowledge on how to get it working
on their own distro (or consider using flatpak or think about making it distro-independent if you want). There
are people who did the step towards linux (Blackmagic with Davinci Resolve, VMWare with virtualisation software) maybe
there are people who wanna help you, who knows.

I think it is mandatory to move towards linux, Microsoft has fun mocking around with its users and Apple is creating products many people
cannot afford or do not want to afford. I in my humble opinion would be very greatful if I did not have to dual-boot every time I want to
make music.

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Re: Cubase for Linux

Post by Benutzername » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:53 pm

Using Cubase on Linux would be fantastic but honestly I don't think that anyone really needs Cubase to make great music on Linux.

Linux users have native versions of Bitwig, REAPER, Tracktion, Renoise, Mixbus, Ardour, MuseScore, Resolve and several other great music and video applications. The commercial DAWs all come with the same included plugins and content as on all other platforms. Additionally there are tons of free and paid plugins and sample libraries out there to pick and choose from (eg VCV Rack or all u-he plugins). If you just look at the features of the available applications then just adding Cubase would actually not bring a lot of new things to the table. It just would make working a lot more convenient for us.

Some "Industry standard" plugins like Autotune and Melodyne are missing but personally I think that this is a good thing for the resulting music (YMMV of course). If your workflow heavily depends on huge proprietary sample collections (virtual orchestras, Komplete, Omnisphere etc) then switching will not be easy unless the creators of those libraries are going Linux too. This is not as implausible as it seems because at the end of the day all these libraries are just using a small group of sample engines anyway and these are already cross platform. If these also get ported to Linux then all sample libraries will automatically be available on Linux too.

Because of the popularity of smartphones and tablets almost all new music related hardware has to be class compliant in this day and age. So hardware support really isn't a problem anymore under Linux.

In summary: Having Cubase (and Nuendo for that matter) on Linux would be great but they are late to the party.

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Re: Cubase for Linux

Post by skijumptoes » Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:44 pm

Benutzername wrote:
Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:53 pm
In summary: Having Cubase (and Nuendo for that matter) on Linux would be great but they are late to the party.
Not in regards to the average audio users perspective it wouldn't be late, Apple's pricing and hardware options have been crazy recent years for audio users, Many longstanding windows users have mis-trust in using Win 10

From an audio users perspective Cubase would be pretty damn big news on Linux - it's an ideal middle ground for anyone caught in the abyss from each major OS. Cheesegrater/Xeon Mac Pro users, for example, would jump on that *flower* big time i think.

For me audio on linux isn't a great experience still - Ardour/mixbus is good but it's no cubase, REAPER is just really unstable for me vs Mac/Win - a full install of Cubase Pro, that runs well - would have most elements i need to make produce music without having to worry about setting up external plugins/apps. And of course, Steinberg bringing it's VST platform to Linux only helps the whole development of VST plugins that can be used in Linux (Of which there's very few atm).

The trouble, as always though, is that majority of Linux users want stuff for pennies and expect applications to embrace the open source nature of Linux as a whole... That ain't really Steinbergs thing. :)

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