Can't record vocals on the same project as vst instruments

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Can't record vocals on the same project as vst instruments

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Hi. I am very bad with tech so the solution is probably simple but I'm stuck.
Basically, I'm a voice over artist and I was working on my new demo. I record the background music first with all the VSTs that come with cubase elements 9.5. All is good but because the driver is on the ASIO full duplex I can't record audio unless I switch to Focusrite 2.0 (which is what my mic is hooked up to), but then all the background music stops playing because the driver has switched.
Can anyone tell me how to solve this?
Thanks in advance :)

Edit: i have just found out that I can record vocals, however after i play it back once all sound disappears completely. Once i reopen the project, the music stays but the vocals are gone. Also, the playback won't go through my headphones so when i record vocals the music contaminates the audio. At least I'm improving :D. Still, please can someone help me?

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