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Question about Live Play mode

Post by Paul T » Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:52 pm

One of my most used tools in Sequel 3 is "Live Pads" mode. That's where I set up loops that are triggered by the pads which allows me to jump from loop to loop very quickly. This is cool even for just Bass loops or Drum loops which are say 1/2 bar long (meaning set numerous markers on the performance track to 1/2 of a bar) . Offset the markers on the performance track by a 1/16th or 1/8th and jump around the pads to create very funky and unusual vamps. This is a great way to make a 4 bar loop have endless variety. In Sequel 3 we are now able to record this "pad jumping" and then flatten to create a new usable loop.

I realize this is our Sequel forum but does anyone know if Cubase 6.5 now includes the ability record the pad jumping I described ? I know it has the Live Play features (clicking on the small colored squares) but I have to be able to record those movements and then flatten. Might make me work exclusively in Cubase as right now I jump (no pun intended) between Sequel 3 and Cubase 4.5.2.


Paul T in Cleveland, OH USA (It's not so bad)

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