VST plugins Midi Learn doesn't work

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VST plugins Midi Learn doesn't work

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I'm using sequel 3 which is compatible with vst 3 plugins. I downloaded fabfilter pro-q and it's working fine. But I have a problem with midi learn. My beringher BF2000 midi controller is working fine with Sequel 3 knobs with midi learn. But when I'm inserting pro-q pluging on my track, then clicking the pro-q midi learn button, then clicking the knob I want to control, then turning the knob on my controller, nothing happens ! I read a lot of thread about configuring ableton or cubase in order to make this works by selecting the plugin as the output of a fake midi track. But there's not such a thing in Sequel 3, right ? I'm not so sure this is a plugin problem, I just don't know how to redirect midi information into my plugin in Sequel 3...
I've already posted a message on fabfilter forum but no reply... Can you help me please ?

Thanks in advance


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