Sequel crashes

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Sequel crashes

Post by berkcan »

Ever since I installed Cubase trial, I began to have this problem. I uninstalled Cubase, I even uninstalled and reinstalled Sequel but no luck.

When I start Sequel, I get this dialog showing the license error for organs (see attached). I hit ok and Sequel start just fine. Later as I pick instruments (not sure which) this dialog pops up about no valid license (see attached). Retry keeps showing the same dialog and cancel causes Sequel to crash. Crash dump is also a attached.
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Re: Sequel crashes

Post by Luis Dongo »

Hi there,

it's not enough to uninstall Cubase or Sequel, since the problems are being caused by plugins / content sets you don't have a license for. You have to uninstall everything from Steinberg that doesn't have the name "sequel" in it.

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