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Jim Donnie
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Sequel content Sets

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hello need a help and understanding I'm a newbie I'm using Cubase elements 7 and purchased sequel content set
cause I read it's compatible with cubase elements 7 and I installed no problem but I can't figure how to open it on cubase E7 ..does any one knows how to do it or I need a sequel software to run it?

Joel Gragg
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Re: Sequel content Sets

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Hello Jim,

When you open Cubase Elements 7, go to Media in the top bar, next go to MediaBay and open the browser. On the left hand side of the MediaBay window under *All Media* expand and then expand the folder for *VST Sound*. Under VST Sound you will find the folders of your installed Sequel Content Sets. You can expand to find the files and demo the loops and double click to create a stereo track with the loop copied on the track.
Joel Gragg
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