Sequel gives 'A Serious Problem Has Occurred'

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Re: Sequel gives 'A Serious Problem Has Occurred'

Post by james stimson » Wed May 08, 2019 2:18 am

Just another note...
Some are suggesting that Cubase 7 may be the outlaying issue with Sequel. Not the case I'm sure. I had all the above issues stated everywhere here in the fourm's with Sequel 3, and ended up purchasing Cubase 7 just to be able to continue working on Sequel 3 Projects that had gotten so messed up that they would not even open any longer with sequel. So frustrating to spend hours, days, on something that is lost to the world without spending hundreds of dollars more.It is either a screw up with Sequel 3 they for some reason refuse to fix, or a truly evil business plan.

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