Sequel LE 2 Mp3 Encoder not working- saying its expired?

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Sequel LE 2 Mp3 Encoder not working- saying its expired?

Post by jdenmo » Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:00 pm

So I've had this interface for a year and was considering throwing it out as it gave me a lot of trouble registering, licensing .etc and just using it. Now I hadn't used it for about 8 months and figured I would try and figure out how to use it one last time before just buying something else. So over the past few days I watched tons of youtube tutorials and finally understood how to use it, and am pretty happy with it.

But now I have finished a few test tracks and when I go to export them as an mp3, I get this error:

I re-downloaded the newest version of E-licenser, and tried to "validate" and "recover" options in the troubleshoot section and this thing still wont work.

It's pretty frustrating. I want to export as an mp3 but it wont let me. When I export as a wav (i think thats what it is) I get this weird, muffled/echoey quality and its anywhere from a 70-300mb file lol

any suggestions or help?

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