is Ryzen great for cubase?

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is Ryzen great for cubase?

Post by hybb » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:02 pm

Hi, I'm gonna upgrade my PC in just few weeks. And I got two options for it.

Things I got : bout 1,400$, Zotac 1060 6GB, SSD, HDD

1 : I7 8700K with Hackintosh
- My friend recommended it for real, and he got also Hackintosh on 4790K.
His suggestion is so interesting to me. Get I7 8700K, insert Win10, and buy another SSD for Hackintosh. Then I can use dual system for it.
And he will introduce me dealer who made his system. It costs about 130$ for High Sierra.

But, because of the Intel's new price policy, it cost more money, and I have to save money from cooler.
And I have little nervous about this 'dual' system's stability.
...and 8700K's core numbers too!
Ah, and I think I couldn't afford overclock.

2 : Ryzen 2700X with Win10 Pro
- Best price and options for now. But there's no options about Mac system for Ryzen.
If I got this, I can afford 470x board and KRAKEN X72 cooler. Then PBO will give me true peace.
But I have doubt about windows yet. Maybe it could be my fantasy about Mac system.
I have never used Mac system for long time but just few hours for mix a song but it was impressive.
..and I could use my iPad more usefully.

So I need help. Is Ryzen system great for Cubase? I believe Ryzen, but can't believe Microsoft.
is it worth?

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Re: is Ryzen great for cubase?

Post by AoNoLoki » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:36 pm

Being honest with you, an OS choice is related to your feeling, I'd rather work on a Linux instead of working on Windows or Mac, but as you know, Cubase can be installed either on Windows or Mac OS
Looking at your post, you seems to seek the best performance, so here's some advices I can give you :

- Hackintosh seems to be really powerfull (Mac OS without Apple hardware clamping), but keep in mind that it's not an official OS, so you may need to wait before some critical update, and support is kinda random as it came from the Hackintosh community, and not from Apple

- Windows is kind'off a standart, it is know for having some random trouble, but you can expect quick update if something really goes wrong on their side, and since alot of people use it, finding out how to solve an issue can be easier

-Dualboot can be pretty stable when done correctly, and usefull since some app run only on some OS (eg: Gaming on Windows and working on Hackintosh). Just keep in mind that the maintenance of the computer will be harder

- If you seek the best performance, go on and try out your builds, you'll know how they'll perform for a workstation (It's in theory, but the stats are pretty accurate)

To answer the question, yes, Ryzen CPU are suitable for Cubase, as long as the overall build isn't just related to the CPU, but you've got an SSD, 6GB GPU and so, you can think about an ASIO sound card too (You can look forward to m-audio's one, not really needed, but it's better to got a dedicated one)

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Re: is Ryzen great for cubase?

Post by Ed Doll » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:20 pm

The AMD Ryzen is a very good CPU. However, the current comparable Intel systems may still be the better choice for realtime audio purposes.
This article and benchmark is a pretty good summary of what to expect: ... testbench/
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Re: is Ryzen great for cubase?

Post by MattiasNYC » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:27 pm

In addition to what Ed said, I think the following is likely correct (looking at the data):

- If you're sticking to mixing the 2700x will be a better value considering that you get a cooler included, and also assuming you already have a video card you'll be using or have decided you're not going to use the integrated graphics in the 8700k.

- If you're using VST instruments and need low latency then the 8700k will perform better.

- If you need integrated graphics then you can't use Ryzen 2700x.

- If at some point you want to use Thunderbolt then don't use AMD.

- If you want a more likely future ability to upgrade just the CPU (and keep the socket/motherboard) then AMD is probably a better option.

- If you want to use a Store MI type storage solution then use AMD.

PS: I have a Ryzen 7 1700 (no "x") and the included cooler allows me to overclock from 3.2GHz all cores to 3.7GHz without any problems. I would guess that you won't need a separate cooler for the 2700x, at least not in the short term if you're not going to start off overclocking it.
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